Project Description
The project consists of constructing a pipeline that is 383 km long and with an external diameter of 4,5 m.
Scope of Work
Transportation and receiving of 4.5 m pretension concrete pipes that have been produced by the manufacturer in its facilities at SARIR, placing them along the pipeline, excavation of the trench, placing of the pipes and backfilling operations after completion,
Construction of a new transportation road that is parallel to the existing one between the pipe factory in SARIR and the pipeline,
Maintenance of the new road (383km) and the existing transportation road (200km and between SARIR and TAZERBO) during the period of work,
Construction of two flow control stations, two underground reservoirs and the connection infrastructure to the existing pipeline, plus acquirement and assemblage of their mechanical equipment,
Construction of various structures such as manholes, control rooms and valve rooms, plus acquirement and assemblage of their mechanical equipment,
Construction of branch lines using GRP pipes along the route for discharging purposes,
Construction of erosion protection systems in the appropriate regions of the pipeline,
Construction of a pipeline cathodic protection system and the provision of the monitoring system for a period of 2(two) years,
Provision of spare parts for a period of two years,
Provision of assistance services during the water tests that shall be applied at the completion of the project (water shall be supplied by the administration),
Provision of training for the employees of the administration for administrative and maintenance purposes.
Great Man-Made River Authority
Date of Contract
November 2006
Date of Completion ( Estimated )
December 2012

This project is contracted in Joint Venture with TEKFEN Inşaat ve Tesisat A.Ş.