TML since its establishment has completed projects in Turkey, Libya, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Bosnia Herzegovina as General Contractors and is presently offering its services in the region in General Contracting and Construction Management.


    June, 2022
    New Contract signed in Libya
    November, 2021
    Provisional Acceptance Certificate received
    October, 2021
    Renewal of ISO Certificate
    May, 2021
    New project from LISCO
    March, 2021
    Works Moving Forward in Misurata
    November, 2020
    TML obtained ISO 45001:2018
    July, 2020
    Asphalt works in progress
    February, 2020
    Back to Action in Misurata
    January, 2020
    Subsea Installation Works Completed in Algeria
    January, 2020
    Provisional Acceptance Certificate received
    September, 2019
    Repair Works of LISCO Berth in progress
    May, 2019
    Substantial Completion achieved in Kuwait
    March, 2019
    New Contract Signed in Libya
    February, 2019
    Outstanding Performance Award received in Kuwait
    December, 2018
    State-of-the-art technique in HDPE pipe installing
    December, 2018
    Offshore Works of Doha Desalination Plant, Kuwait
    November, 2018
    Offshore Works of the Mostaganem CCPP, Algeria
    November, 2018
    TML at LISCO’s New Bar Mill Opening Ceremony
    September, 2018
    Subsea HDPE Pipe installation works in progress
    April, 2018
    Final Acceptance Certificate obtained
    March, 2018
    Subsea GRP Pipe Installation works in progress
    December, 2017
    Final Acceptance Certificate obtained
    April, 2017
    First Project in Algeria
    January, 2017
    First Project in Kuwait
    December, 2015
    TML in the Sultanate of Oman
    December, 2015
    Baku Gateway Building Delivered
    October, 2015
    Renewal of ISO Certificate
    August, 2014
    TML on the ENR Top 250 List
    July, 2014
    Baku Gateway Building Project
    June, 2014
    Misurata Free Zone Container Storage Yard
    March, 2014
    The Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony at the New Dock
    February, 2014
    MFZA Infrastructure Asphalt Works Began
    December, 2013
    Baku Shipyard Project Delivered
    November, 2013
    Renewal of ISO Certificates
    May, 2013
    Misurata Free Zone Infrastructure Works Resuming
    February, 2013
    New Bar Rolling Mill Erection Works Project Signed
    December, 2012
    Completion of Misurata Police Station Project
    January, 2012
    Baku Gateway Building Project Signed
    January, 2012
    MFZA Container Terminal Works Resuming
    February, 2011
    Uprising in Libya... Successfull Evacuation