Eser Tümen
Our Late President
Founding Partner

His Biography

ESER TÜMEN (1945-2010)

Eser Tümen, born on March 17 1945, enrolled in Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering in 1962 and was graduated in 1967 with a M.Sc. C.E degree.

He started his career as the Site Manager of the Jetty Construction Project at Samsun Fertilizer Complex and continued on as the Project Manager of various other projects in Libya.

He became a partner and in 1980 the Chairman of Board of STFA Construction Co. Inc. and undersigned several major projects in Turkey and internationally in the following years. Among these, Tripoli Harbor Construction, Misurata Iron and Steel Mills Harbor Construction, Codai Tunnels Construction in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and Istanbul Bosphorus, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and connection roads can be named. He was also effective in the management of the group companies in his capacity as the President of the Executive Committee of STFA Holding during the same period.

He founded TML Construction Co. Inc. in 1992 with his colleagues and from this date onward, he served as the Chairman and Leader of the company.

Some of the projects realized under his management were a Power Plant in Azerbaijan, Oil Terminal in Georgia, various marine works and a 380 km portion of the Great Manmade River Project in Libya.

Our Chairman will be remembered as a leader of International Turkish Construction Sector with the construction techniques he developed, his keen vision in construction site management, and with the young engineers he coached and led. Eser Tümen also served as the Chairman of the Feyzi Akkaya Foundation for Education from its date of establishment to the date of his passing.